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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

written by Jillian Leslie, NWPSA Department Coordinator

A new school term has just begun, the Students Association of Northwestern Polytechnic Executive Team is thrilled to have the halls filled with students once again. It’s eerie being in an empty building all summer getting organized for the year ahead. Although attending post-secondary schooling is an exciting milestone in one’s life it is also an expensive endeavour. For some student’s tuition and rent take priority over diet and hygiene needs. According to Macleans [link:] a staggering 40% of Canadian post-secondary students are food insecure (Sing, 2021). Here at the Students’ Association (SA) we want students to strive in their education and be focused on their STUDIES not their next meal. We have a student foodbank entitled the Room of Plenty to aid in food insecurities on our campus as well as hygiene needs. The items are collected via donation at various events the SA will be hosting for students on campus through out the school terms.

The first event of the year that we will be hosting in order to collect donation items is a Dunk Tank for well…dunking! Those sitting awaiting their fate will be NWP staff members including the Dean and various department professors and staff members. Wanting to donate and item to try to dunk a specific staff member into cold water? Their timeslots are noted on the posters with their photo and name on them, please come to the SA to view who is on the roster or check out the campus bulletin boards! The dunking begins at 11am on Sept 2 at the outdoor amphitheatre. Check out events page for more info and for other events hosted by the SA on campus [link: ].

Know of a fellow student who is food insecure or in need of some hygiene products? Perhaps you are a bit strapped for cash this month and are in need of some assistance. If so, don’t worry you don’t have to come into the SA and disclose your situation if you don’t want to, you may simply fill out a form on the NWPSA website [link: ]. You will receive an e-mail when your order has been filled much like a ‘click and collect’ service the SA will have your items placed discretely in a reusable tote so no one will notice you leaving our offices with grocery bags.

Several studies have associated food insecurity with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety disorder, mood disorders or suicidal thoughts. If you are in need of mental health resources, please note there are several resources for students to access [link:]. We wish everyone on campus a wonderful school year and hope the Room of Plenty as well as other student lead initiatives on campus ensure each student thrives in their studies!


Sing, Nathan. 2021, October 21. The flight to end hunger on Canadian university campuses

Unknown. n.d. Understanding Household Food Insecurity. Proof Food Insecurity Policy Research. Retrieved from:

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On June 6, 2022 Northwestern Polytechnic raised the Pride flag for the first time in institutional history. NWPSA worked diligently with the Executive Council of NWP to ensure that students would know that they are welcome at our institution.

"The pride flag represents diversity and inclusivity for all members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities and their allies. Historically, this institution has never flown the pride flag and we are asking that we start to make this change today. As Northwestern Polytechnic moves forwards in its values of responsiveness and innovation, we ask that the institution also recognize where it has not yet paved a path forward. To take a stand against discrimination, exclusionary practices and the abuse that much of this community has faced."

This event was well attended by the community and members of Northwestern Polytechnic. Members from GALAP, GP Pride Society, Northreach Society and CBYF were all in attendance. We extend gratitude to the Executive Council of Northwestern Polytechnic, Loretta Parenteau-English for blessing our ceremony and the community and faces who attended to show our students how supportive our community is.

"While today, we raise the Pride Flag to show the rest of the community that we stand with our 2SLGBTQIA+ community, we recognize that there is still work to do. Pride was born out of protest and we carry a moral obligation to not stop with the raising of this flag. There is work to be done within our communities to ensure that every person feels safe to be who they are. This means continuing to educate ourselves every day to ensure that we are employing the best and most inclusive practices. This means prioritizing understanding the importance of intersectionality. This means educating ourselves to effectively stand alongside every person who faces systemic exclusions"

- Tahnia Getson (they/her), NWPSA Executive Director

The Pride flag went up on both the Grande Prairie campus, as well as the Fairview campus. We are excited to ensure that this flag goes up each and every June at both Campuses. We also recognize that this is just the tip of the iceberg in order to make change in our institution.

"Raising this flag means a number of things. One of them being diversity [...] Being yourself shouldn't be scary. It should be normal, hiding away gets you no where." - Joshua Winland (he/him), NWPSA Vice President External

NWPSA wants every person to see it to know that they are welcome and encouraged to be their authentic self in any of our spaces, regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, ability or religion. If you are not currently in a safe place to come out as your authentic self, please know that this flag is for you as well and that our office is always open as a safe place for you. If you need additional supports, please know that there are community organizations waiting to welcome you with open arms. GALAP, who is in attendance with us here is ready and waiting to welcome you. If you are, or know, a youth between the ages of 13-17 who need support, please reach out to Youth Mentor at the Northreach Society, who is also in attendance with us here today. And if you are looking for community events during the month of June, GP Pride is welcoming all.

If you require additional supports please consider using online safe spaces such as The Trevor Project, LGBTQ Student Resources & Support, the Matthew Shepard Foundation or the Lifeline Canada Foundation. You can also turn to for a list of online resources.

"Remember to be loud, take up space and to always be unapologetically you. We cannot wait to welcome you with open arms at NWPSA." - Tahnia Getson

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On April 29, 2022 we gathered to celebrate excellence within our institution.

Annually, NWPSA celebrates the major successes of our community. It was amazing to celebrate alongside everyone at this phenomenal event!

This year we were excited to receive many nominations for our Excellence Awards. The 2021-2022 winners are:

Excellence in Teaching: Tina Martel

Excellence in Teaching: Peter Sellers

Most Student Centered Staff: Lesley Langit

Student Volunteer of the Year: Sarah Bateman

Photo to come:

Most Student Centered Staff: Alana Kazmer

NWPSA Staffer of the Year: Brayden Friedel

Thank you to everyone who made this amazing night possible!

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