Student Council 2021-2022

More About Student Council! 

How many seats are available to represent each campus?



There are 7 councilors in total. In 2020-2021 there were 3 councilors from Fairview and 4 councilors from Grande Prairie. 

Due to the population per campus, the majority of seats must be from Grande Prairie.

What does Student Council do in a year? 

Student Council has monthly meetings wherein they review everything from the current political climate to how to improve student life. Recent topics have included: tuition increases, parking, wellness events and returning to in person learning. Councilors also volunteer throughout the year to help with events and initiatives that NWPSA is involved with.

How do I get involved?

There is a Student Council election every year in September. To join Student Council, students must: 

1. Be a member of NWPSA, in good standing. 

2. Hold a GPA of 2.0 or higher

3. Not have held a SC seat for more than two (2) consecutive years. 

4. Fill out the SC Nomination Package.