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Student Council 2023-2024

More About Student Council! 

How many seats are available to represent each campus?



There are 9 councilors in total. We strive to have voices across a variety of our student body. While there is a dedicated Fairview representative, other Fairview students are encouraged to run for this seat or one of the other seats they may be eligible for. 

Due to the population per campus, the majority of seats must be from Grande Prairie.

What does Student Council do in a year? 

Student Council has monthly meetings wherein they review everything from the current political climate to how to improve student life. Recent topics have included: tuition increases, parking, wellness events and returning to in person learning. Councilors also volunteer throughout the year to help with events and initiatives that NWPSA is involved with.

How do I get involved?

There is a Student Council election every year in September. To join Student Council, students must: 

1. Be a member of NWPSA, in good standing. 

2. Hold a GPA of 2.0 or higher

3. Not have held a SC seat for more than two (2) consecutive years. 

4. Fill out the SC Nomination Package. 

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