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Excellence Awards

Annually, NWPSA throws an awards night that celebrates people of the community who have supported students within NWP. We aim to celebrate excellence in all of our students, staff and community members and use this to track our W's of the year!


While everyone has the ability to nominate someone to win an excellence award (and we encourage everyone to do so), only nominations received with support from students qualify for awards. 

Below pictures are some of last years award winners! 


Excellence in Teaching

Designed to recognize and honour instructors who promote excellence at NWP; and who encourage a positive and inclusive learning environment for all students. 


NWPSA Staffer of the Year

This award is given to a staff member inside NWPSA who has most exemplified the values of NWPSA and support of the students throughout the academic year. They are a member who has gone above and beyond many times for the students. 


Most Student Centered Staff

Designed to recognize and honour an NWP staff member that goes above and beyond their regular responsibilities and embraces the key institutional value of student-centeredness.


(Please note: This award is for Staff not Teaching Positions) 


Student Volunteer of the Year

Designed to recognize a student that is actively involved in the college community through the donation of their time. Their involvement helps their fellow students through college life, and sets a powerful example of how NWP students make a difference. 

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