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Health and Dental

If you are enrolled at NWP, and meet the eligibility requirements, you are automatically opted in to the health and dental plan. NWPSA’s health and dental plan offers students many benefits such as dental, vision and, prescription coverage along with tuition insurance.

Student Discounts

The Student Discount list is a curated list of local businesses who offer student discounts to NWP students. Look for the signage!

Howler's Lounge

Howlers Lounge is located on Grande Prairie Campus. Howlers is a place where you can go to relax, watch the game, or even study!

Mental Health

NWPSA strives to help students in all aspects of their lives. Mental Health is a priority for NWPSA and we work to advocate for healthy learning spaces. 

The Sunroom

The Sunroom is located inside NWPSA's main office and acts as a quiet place to get away from the hustle and bustle of school. Sensory overwhelmed? Come hang out in the Sunroom for a break! 

Notley Square Lounge

Notley Square is the lounge located on Fairview Campus. Come play some pool, study or have a drink!

Room of Plenty

The foodbank is a short term solution for students who need assistance. If you are in need of support, please fill out our online application by clicking the above icon. 

If you are interested in helping partner with the Room of Plenty, please contact:

Used Books: Facebook

NWPSA runs a Used Book Sale page on Facebook for students to try and get the textbooks they need at cheaper prices. Students can try to sell their books or buy books that are new to them. 

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