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Food for Thought

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

written by Jillian Leslie, NWPSA Department Coordinator

A new school term has just begun, the Students Association of Northwestern Polytechnic Executive Team is thrilled to have the halls filled with students once again. It’s eerie being in an empty building all summer getting organized for the year ahead. Although attending post-secondary schooling is an exciting milestone in one’s life it is also an expensive endeavour. For some student’s tuition and rent take priority over diet and hygiene needs. According to Macleans [link:] a staggering 40% of Canadian post-secondary students are food insecure (Sing, 2021). Here at the Students’ Association (SA) we want students to strive in their education and be focused on their STUDIES not their next meal. We have a student foodbank entitled the Room of Plenty to aid in food insecurities on our campus as well as hygiene needs. The items are collected via donation at various events the SA will be hosting for students on campus through out the school terms.

The first event of the year that we will be hosting in order to collect donation items is a Dunk Tank for well…dunking! Those sitting awaiting their fate will be NWP staff members including the Dean and various department professors and staff members. Wanting to donate and item to try to dunk a specific staff member into cold water? Their timeslots are noted on the posters with their photo and name on them, please come to the SA to view who is on the roster or check out the campus bulletin boards! The dunking begins at 11am on Sept 2 at the outdoor amphitheatre. Check out events page for more info and for other events hosted by the SA on campus [link: ].

Know of a fellow student who is food insecure or in need of some hygiene products? Perhaps you are a bit strapped for cash this month and are in need of some assistance. If so, don’t worry you don’t have to come into the SA and disclose your situation if you don’t want to, you may simply fill out a form on the NWPSA website [link: ]. You will receive an e-mail when your order has been filled much like a ‘click and collect’ service the SA will have your items placed discretely in a reusable tote so no one will notice you leaving our offices with grocery bags.

Several studies have associated food insecurity with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety disorder, mood disorders or suicidal thoughts. If you are in need of mental health resources, please note there are several resources for students to access [link:]. We wish everyone on campus a wonderful school year and hope the Room of Plenty as well as other student lead initiatives on campus ensure each student thrives in their studies!


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