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Through the promotion of student success, we believe in a system accessible to all. Where all students are treated with equity and empowered to shape their educational futures.   

//executive council

The Executive Council helps to carry out the vision of the Students' Association. The positions are: 


The role of the President is to represent and administer all affairs of the Students' Association in direct adherence to all governing documents. They handle all student grievances, liaise between the Students' Association and Northwestern Polytechnic and advocate for students. 

//vice president internal

The role of the Vice President Internal is to be responsible for working to direct student grievances to the appropriate hands. They are the official liaison for the Student Health and Dental plan and are responsible for coverage decisions. They oversee the club program and work to establish strong internal relations with the institution. 

//vice president external

The role of the Vice President External is to understand the political climate as it pertains to students and to lobby student needs and affairs to the municipal and provincial government. They are the official representative for external relations and bringing the community to the students, including overseeing the Student Discount Program. To work with the Executive Council to plan social events throughout the year. 

//student council

The Students' Council is the governing body for the executive council and is directly responsible for the representation of NWP's student body. The Students' Council is comprised of seven elected councillors. Elections for Council Representative positions are done in September of each year and the elected council reps hold their positions from October to April. These reps work with the SA Executives to administer the assets of the Association, as well as represent the SA on various committees throughout the year. There is a 2-hour minimum time commitment for the monthly Students’ Association Council (SAC) Meeting.


The staff team of NWPSA are responsible for the longevity of the organization. The permanent fulltime staff team consists of the Executive Director, Lounge Coordinator, Department Coordinator, and the Governance & Student Support Coordinator. This staff assists in the plans that are made by the executive and student council and provide mentorship, guidance and leadership to help elected student leaders achieve their goals and advocate for students. 

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