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Health and Dental

NWPSA strives to provide a great extended insurance plan to it's students. We work hard to help our students with submitting claims, opting out, or adding dependents. Email with questions or for support with the Health and Dental Plans.  

Who is eligible for the H&D plan?

Uh... Students. I'm pretty sure.

Fantastic. I chipped a tooth this week.

That sounds stressful.

I feel that. 

Well! When I see you next week I will have a brand new smile! 

Totally. But knowing that I have coverage for it makes it a lot easier. I have a hard enough time with the dentist. I don't need to be stressed out about $$$ too.



If you are enrolled at NWP, and meet the eligibility requirements, you are automatically opted in to the health and dental plan. NWPSA’s health and dental plan offers students many benefits such as dental, vision and, prescription coverage along with tuition insurance. The fees are as follows:

Extended Health Plan Fee:

$216 When enrolling in September.

$151 When enrolling in January.

Dental Plan Fee:

$208 When enrolling in September.

$146 When enrolling in January.

Combined Health & Dental Fee:

$424 When enrolling in September.

$297 When enrolling in January.

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In order to opt out, you MUST fill out the online waiver and supply comparable coverage information prior to the deadline. An example of comparable coverage would be benefits received from your employer or from a parent’s/spouse’s employer. Please note that Provincial Health Care coverage is not considered comparable coverage. Unfortunately, we are not able to make exceptions if you miss the deadline, so please make special note of the date if you plan on opting out. 

You will need to opt out each year if you choose not to be on the Health and Dental Plan. 

Once your opt out is approved, your NWPStudent Financial account will be credited.  If you have already paid the fee prior to opting out, please contact Student Services.

** If you have successfully opted out of coverage, you will receive a confirmation email, be sure to keep your confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation email, you have NOT successfully opted out. Please email before the opt-out deadline if you are encountering problems opting out with the online waiver.**

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